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Trading Solutions Provider QuantHouse to Provide Crypto Trading Data Through its API via DVeX

SigOne Capital would like to congratulate our partners DVeX and DV Chain after Quanthouse, a leading provider of end-to-end systematic trading solutions including innovative market data services, algo trading platform, and infrastructure products and part of Iress (IRE.ASX), announced on Tuesday, that real-time and historical data for cash cryptocurrency pairs will be made available through Quanthouse’s single API via DVeX.

DVeX is a crypto exchange built by institutional traders for institutional traders, with the goal of delivering a world class institutional trading platform. Through the DVeX platform, clients can trade multiple physical cryptocurrency pairs denominated in multiple fiat currencies using traditional trading applications such as Quanthouse, connect directly via its FIX or REST API, or simply use the DVeX PRO trading application. A trusted independent custodian segregates, insures and holds assets on the DVeX platform, ensuring the safety and segregation of client’s assets. Clients can also lend their assets or borrow additional assets with other clients on DVeX, with the comfort of knowing that their assets are tracked, physically stored and maintained with the same independent custodian.

All Quanthouse clients will now have the ability to access market data from DVeX through the single QuantFEED API, which provides a unified format for real-time data from 150 multi-asset sources. Streaming data will be accessible anywhere in the world, being disseminated through Quanthouse’s global fiber optic network. Furthermore, clients who actively trade on DVeX will be able to route orders back to the exchange via DVeX’s proprietary FIX API through Quanthouse’s QuantLINK global connectivity network.

DVeX is owned and operated as part of the DV Trading group of companies. DV Trading is a renowned liquidity provider and active market maker across a wide range of assets including crytocurrencies. DV has maintained a significant presence in the crypto sector, which it has leveraged to launch its own electronic OTC marketplace for all major cash cryptocurrency pairs. Through the DVeX platform, clients get reliable and accurate pricing data for cryptocurrencies, along with a source of liquidity with volumes that are significant enough to meet the needs of institutional clients.

Here at SigOne Capital, we are proud to be partnered with DVeX & DV Chain who continue to make significant strides in addressing the most pressing challenges facing institutional incumbents today within the digital asset ecosystem. DV Trading has been working with Quanthouse for multiple years, and the expansion of this partnership will allow institutional crypto traders to access reliable and accurate prices through a minimal integration effort while receiving an unprecedented level of service.

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