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Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Bitcoin is The Best Performing Asset Class In The Last 10 Years

Last week, results of the best and worst-performing assets of the last decade released by Bank of American Merrill Lynch (BAML) were shared with the public, calling Bitcoin the "best performing asset of the last decade."

According to the results, an investor who would have paid $1 USD for a Bitcoin in 2010 would now have a $90,026 USD investment today (see below). This is a large difference compared to an investment in U.S. equities that would have turned $1 USD in 2010 to $3.46 USD today.

Growth of Bitcoin in the Last 10 years

The worst rated investment on Bank of America’s list is Myanmar Kyat. The currency has lost significant value leaving the equivalent of $1 USD a decade ago at a current value of $0.004 USD today.

*For context, in many cases, Bitcoin is not limited to one country, or one group of investors, and therefore has allowed many to participate globally.

Additional FYI's on the Last Decade

  • Central Banks: The most active has been Brazil's, with 25 rate cuts & 24 rate hikes; while the least active has been Japan's, with 1 rate cut and 0 rate hikes.

  • Population Growth: The highest population growth has taken place in India with an additional 149 million people since 2010; the lowest population growth has taken place in Syria with 4 million less people since 2010.

  • US Jobs: Since 2010, the US economy has created net 22.4 million jobs approx.

  • Equities: The best performing equities are US Equities, having invested $1 USD in 2010 would result in $3.46 USD today; the worst performing equities are Greece Equities, having invested $1 USD in 2010 would result in $0.07 USD today.

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